Switzerland: The Land of Ice in the World

A piece of heaven on earth is said to be the country whose name is Switzerland.It is one of the most desired destinations for travelers around the world.

Switzerland is known for its mountains. The Alps in the south, the Jura in the northwest. But it also has a central plateau of mountains, plains, and large lakes. The highest point is Dufourspitze at 4634 meters (15203 ft) while Lake Maggiore is only 195 meters (636 ft) above sea level. The temperate climate here varies greatly with altitude.

Switzerland is perhaps more culturally diverse than any other European country. It has four national languages that are historically dominant in different regions or cantons. German, French and Italian languages are prevalent in the border regions of the respective countries, and Romansh – a Romance language of swiss origin-is prevalent in the mountainous regions of Grabunden.


Bern– A surprisingly well-preserved old city and capital of a developed nation. The streets are lined with arcades, good restaurants, and bars.

Basel– Traveler’s gateway to the German Rhineland and the Black Forest and French Alsace, with an exceptional medieval center, on an orthogonal bend of the Rhine River coming from the east and moving north.

Geneva– This center of art and culture is an international city that is home to nearly 200 public and private organizations, the birthplace of the World Wide Web at CERN, and the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Interlaken– The outdoor and action sports capital of Switzerland; From skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking, white water rating, canyoning, and much more.

Hotels in Mountain

Hotels in Mountain

Null Stern- Zero Star Hotel!

There is a Zero Star Hotel in Switzerland.Under the open sky,there is no roof or wall but there is no shortage of people who want to be there.

It is located near the village of Gonten in Switzerland ,on top of the Gyobsee mountain.Twin brothers Frank and Patrick Riklin planned to build the hotel at an altitude of 1200 meters.” One of the attractions of a zero star hotel is that many guests don’t understand what it really is,’’-says Frank Ricklin. Is it a work of art,tourism or innovation? It’s great to keep the guests in suspense a little bit.”

There is no wallpaper,wall or others ,but people from all over the world go there because of the great scenery around.

For their premium service,they can grow their popularity. You can feel the beauty of earth with no glasses or anything artificial.

Switzerland is a highly expensive country.So you need to carry enough money for your trip to Switzerland and staying in hotels.But you can rent a house for a stay, you can save money and explore more.

If you feel excited about staying at this hotel, you can check out Null Stern.

More Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is full of beauty. Every season,lots of travelers go to Switzerland to visit the most lovely tourist spots.There are many kinds of hotels in Switzerland to stay. Some of them are below with booking links.

In Switzerland, you will get more hotels by clicking here.

Switzerland is the most expensive country ever. Wherever you go there, if you want to do a budget trip,you can take a home on rent for some days you need.then you will save your money and you can explore more.

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