Resort vs Airbnb

Resort vs Airbnb: What’s The Difference Between Them

We all become happy when we are going anywhere for a trip. This could be a short or long trip, we have to take a hotel, resort or home for our proper residence. Nowadays, we have various options for deciding where to stay. We can stay in a hotel or a resort, or also we can take Airbnb service worldwide. 

What is a Resort?

A resort is a place where wherever we go on a trip or other we have to take a residence. All countries and regions have had hotel or resort services since a hundred and hundred years ago. At any time, you will get a resort or hotel anywhere. But, this system is an old system nowadays. In a hotel or resort, you will get a combined package with a lot of services which you will need to share with other guests. For example, swimming pools and garden views are not only for you in a resort.

These days, we are introduced to the Airbnb service which creates our trip to residence easy and comfortable.



Airbnb is the system that, when you go on a trip, searches for a personal suite, apartment or home which is well-decorated on their website. Suppose, you are in Switzerland for a trip. You can search and you will definitely find a suite or apartment as your necessity.

Airbnb is more popular for families. Because when you go with your family you need a private place to spend quality time. You can search from anywhere and submit your location for rooms, hotels or suites.

So, we got that,  hotels or resorts and Airbnb are not the same overall. In a resort, you can book a room or suite for yourself and your family also, but you need to book a physical or specific official website of the resort or hotel. But airbnb is a service which is a combined platform for booking well-decorated rooms or suites as you need worldwide.  Like UBER, this is also a public service.

Nowadays, Airbnb has become popular to mass people who love to travel alone or with family. Only for hassle-free services, Airbnb got in touch with sky.

Airbnb is becoming an alternative to hotels

Who does not want to taste freedom from the monotonous and noisy life for a few days? But on the way around, there are occasional roadblocks; First of all, the cost of a slightly better hotel is much higher. Second, it is difficult to find cheap hotels in advance, as they usually do not have a good website where you can book online in advance. Thirdly, without booking a hotel in advance, a lot of time is wasted searching for a hotel in an unfamiliar place after a long journey. Airbnb can solve all these problems.

The concept of Airbnb is interesting. Let’s say you live in New York and you have another home and your job in Washington DC. Your family and you live in Washington DC. Then you feel that one of your rooms is sometimes empty. Then you can list your spare room on Airbnb, also you can tell what facilities you want to give the tenant along with the room or flat. For example, the room has a toilet, the house has wifi for internet access, if the ranter wants to, he can also move around other parts of the house, watch TV, use the kitchen and even if you pay more, you can arrange food.

The traveler, on the other hand, can find his preferred accommodation in or around the place he wants to visit, in advance. Even if you go out for a walk, you will get a homey feeling. And a safe place to stay. When you leave, you can also write down how you liked the house, so that the next person who wants to rent the house can understand what the house is like.

Founded in 2008, this website lists 200000 homes in 30000 cities in 192 countries. Another interesting thing is the variation in the list of houses. You will find private rooms as well as entire apartments in this community marketplace. You can even get a palace, a boat, a treehouse, or an entire island! Sometimes, you may prefer a place to stay rather than a place to travel. Doesn’t sound quite tempting? So why late? You can safely plan your next trip and find a place to stay with Airbnb.

Starting of Airbnb

October 2007. Joe Grbbia and Brian Chesky, two graduate friends, planned to become entrepreneurs and left their jobs. At the same time, Barack Obama was in San Francisco for his presidential election. This time their landlord declared that the house rent will increase by 25% and if they can’t pay the rent, they will lose the house.

At this moment, an upcoming conference for designers in San Francisco turned their fortunes around. There is a good chance of meeting familiar faces of the conference; That’s it. They rented an air-bed mattress on the living room floor for the night. And in honor of that mattress that started the first income, their company was later named ‘AirBnB’.The full form of BNB or B & B is ‘Bread and Breakfast’.

Usually, middle-class families who have an unoccupied spare room in their house rent out the room for one night to provide overnight services. The next day breakfast is also given by that family. This service is basically known as BnB/B&B.

As international listings on Airbnb began to grow at a significant rate, investors began to falter. The traffic of investment companies started to increase at the door to Airbnb. In 2010, they received $7.1 million in investment. Celeb- investor Ashton Kutcher joined Airbnb’s list of investors the following year. At this moment Airbnb has 150 million users all over the world. In a normal night, Airbnb can afford over  2 million guests.

Now, Airbnb is the best platform for searching for temporary residences worldwide.

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