Aroostook County is located in northern most reaches of Maine and is named from a Native American word meaning “Beautiful River”. Partly because of its geographic location but more because of the breathtaking experiences that awaits you, this region of the state has been nicknamed “The Crown of Maine”. Some of the jewels that await you are its storybook towns, vast natural wonders, uniquely sophisticated cuisine, diverse cultures and a history that truly did help shape the United States of America.

Bordering the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick, geographically Aroostook is the largest county east of the Mississippi and in fact is larger than the States of Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. The vast majority of the region’s population live within 30 miles (48 Km) of the New Brunswick, Canada border to the east and north. Ten percent of this region consists of cultivated farmland, which is located in the more populated areas of the County. The remainder of the county consists of working forest or its majestic lakes, rivers, and streams.

lake fall

Aroostook County has long been famous for its greatest resource ­ its people. Known for their generous spirit and down-home hospitality, residents welcome friends and visitors alike with warmth that is not easily found elsewhere. They are proud of their rural heritage and are eager to share their knowledge of and love for the area.

Aroostook is a wonderful place to escape life’s hectic pace. No matter where you choose to explore, our landscapes and communities will certainly exceed your expectations.

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