How Much Does Sandals Resort Cost

When planning a tropical getaway, one of the first things to consider is accommodations. A popular option for travelers is an all-inclusive resort like Sandals. But how much does Sandals Resort cost?

The answer may surprise you! While the initial price tag may seem high, when you factor in everything that’s included – like meals, drinks, activities, and entertainment – it’s actually a great value. And, with locations in Jamaica, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, and more, there’s sure to be a Sandals that’s perfect for your vacation needs.

A Sandals resort vacation can cost a pretty penny—but it’s worth every penny, in our opinion! Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for your dreamy all-inclusive getaway. Room rates: Prices start at around $300 per night and go up from there, depending on the room type and location within the resort.

Keep in mind that prices will be higher during peak travel times (like Christmas and New Year’s). Food and drink: All meals and drinks are included in the price of your stay, so go ahead and indulge! You won’t find many better places to enjoy top-notch cuisine and unlimited cocktails by the beach.

Activities: Many activities, like kayaking and snorkeling, are complimentary. Others, like scuba diving or golfing, come with an additional fee. But rest assured—there’s plenty to keep you occupied without spending extra money.

So how much does a Sandals resort vacation cost? It depends on a few factors, but you can expect to spend around $600-$900 per night for two people. Of course, this is just an estimate—prices may be higher or lower depending on the time of year and availability.

But one thing is for sure: A Sandals vacation is worth every penny!

How Much Does Sandals Resort Cost


How Much is Sandals Resorts Worth?

Sandals Resorts International is a Jamaican operator of all-inclusive resorts for couples and one of the largest such companies in the world. The company was founded by Gordon “Butch” Stewart in 1981. In 2019, Sandals had an estimated value of $4 billion.

The company operates 22 resorts across seven countries, including Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Grenada, and Barbados.

Are Sandals Resorts High End?

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, there are a few different tiers. At the very top, you have luxury brands like Rosewood and Four Seasons. A step below that, you have slightly more affordable but still upscale options like Sandals Resorts.

So are Sandals Resorts high end? The simple answer is yes, Sandals Resorts are definitely high end. They offer an incredible level of service and amenities, all while being located in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Here’s a closer look at what makes Sandals so special: Service: From the moment you arrive at a Sandals Resort, you’ll be treated like royalty. The staff is incredibly attentive and will go out of their way to make sure your every need is met.

Amenities: All Sandals Resorts feature stunning pools, pristine beaches, luxurious suites and much more. Plus, each resort has its own unique offerings – from golf courses to spa treatments – so you can tailor your vacation to exactly what you want. Locations: As mentioned above, one of the best things aboutSandals Resorts is their locations.

Whether you want to relax on a white sand beach in Jamaica or explore ancient ruins in Greece, there’s a Sandals Resort that’s perfect for you.

How Much Does an All-Inclusive Resort Cost Per Night?

An all-inclusive resort cost can vary greatly depending on the location, amenities, and time of year. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per night for an all-inclusive resort. Of course, the exact price will depend on a number of factors.

The location of the resort is one of the biggest determiners of cost. If you’re looking to stay at an all-inclusive resort in a popular destination like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, you can expect to pay on the higher end of the spectrum. However, there are many beautiful all-inclusive resorts located in less popular (and often cheaper) destinations like Belize and Costa Rica.

The amenities offered by the resort also play a role in determining price. Resorts that offer more luxury accommodations and activities will generally be more expensive than those that are more basic. For example, a resort that includes unlimited green fees at its on-site golf course is going to cost more than a resort that doesn’t have any golfing amenities.

Finally, the time of year you visit an all-inclusive resort can also affect price. Rates are typically highest during peak travel seasons like winter break and summer vacation. If you’re looking to save money, consider visiting during shoulder season (the period between high and low season) when rates are usually lower.

What is the Average Age of Guests at Sandals Resorts?

Sandals Resorts is a chain of all-inclusive resorts for couples only, located in the Caribbean. The average age of guests at Sandals Resorts is 40 years old.

How Much Does A Luxury All-Inclusive Sandals Resort Cost?

What Does a Week at Sandals Cost

A week at Sandals can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 per person. This includes your room, meals, drinks, activities, and tips.


Sandals Resort is a luxurious all-inclusive resort located in Jamaica. Guests can enjoy white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning views. All rooms and suites are elegantly appointed and come with 24-hour room service.

Sandals Resort offers an array of activities and amenities for guests to enjoy, including golf, tennis, spa services, and more. Prices start at $600 per night.

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