How Far is the Rui Resort in Aruba from

The Rui Resort in Aruba is located on the island of Aruba, about 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The resort is situated on a white sand beach and offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, and sailing.

The Rui Resort is also home to a number of restaurants, bars, and shops.

The Rui Resort in Aruba is about 15 minutes from the airport. It’s a quick drive down the coast and then you’re there! The resort is right on the water and has its own private beach.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, or you can just relax by the pool. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they make sure your vacation is everything you want it to be.

How Far is the Rui Resort in Aruba from


How Far is Riu Palace from Downtown Aruba?

The Riu Palace is located on the northwest coast of Aruba, about 4 miles from downtown Oranjestad. This all-inclusive resort features a variety of amenities, including several restaurants, bars, a spa, a fitness center, and two outdoor pools. Guests can also enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access and 24-hour room service.

How Far is Riu Aruba from Airport?

The Riu Aruba is located just 3 miles from the airport, making it a quick and easy journey to your resort. There are plenty of taxis available at the airport which will take you directly to your hotel. The average cost of a taxi from the airport to the Riu Aruba is around $25.

Alternatively, you can arrange for a private transfer through your travel agent or the hotel itself. This will usually work out slightly more expensive than taking a taxi but can be more convenient if you are travelling in a group or with luggage.

How Much is Cab from Aruba Airport to Riu?

The cost of a taxi from Aruba airport to Riu can range anywhere from $25-$45, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. The average cost for a one-way trip is typically around $30.

How Far from Airport is Riu Palace Antillas Aruba?

The Riu Palace Antillas Aruba is located just a short 10-minute drive from the airport, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a convenient location. This hotel is also situated close to many of the island’s best attractions, including Eagle Beach, which is just a short walk away.

Riu Palace All Inclusive Resort Aruba | An In Depth Look Inside

How Far is Riu Palace Antillas from Airport

The Riu Palace Antillas is located in Aruba, just a short distance from the airport. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a convenient and affordable place to stay while on vacation. The hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, restaurant, and bar.

There are also several shops and boutiques nearby, making it easy to find everything you need during your stay.


The Rui Resort in Aruba is about a 10-minute drive from the airport. The resort is located on the north side of the island, so it’s a bit of a drive to get to the main tourist areas. However, the resort has its own private beach, so you don’t have to go far to enjoy the sun and sand.

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