Government Affairs

Mission Statement

Our recent membership surveys tell us that you highly value our Governmental Affairs program. One of the central reasons for our Association’s existence is to protect and enhance the interests of our lodging and tourism industry through an active legislative advocacy program. Our ultimate goal here is to provide a more favorable business climate in which our lodging properties can prosper. We do this through several avenues:

First, our Legislative Committee monitors legislative action each session and alerts you to critical legislation. We are aided in this effort by our contract lobbyist, who meets regularly with our Committee. Each year, literally thousands of bills are introduced, and it is through the efforts of the Committee and lobbyist that we are able to monitor and react to legislation that affects us. We also go beyond reacting to initiate legislation that benefits our members. For the latest legislative update, click here.

Second, we seek to support and promote candidates who are favorable to our industry through our Political Action Committee, innPAC. PACs are an essential part of the political process and ours has been gaining significance as our funding stream grows. We welcome contributions to innPAC any time and assure you they are vital to our industry’s success.

Third, we provide a comprehensive overview of current laws and regulations that affect your operation. This searchable database of Maine and federal statues and rules is an invaluable resource to each and every member.