Cottage vs. Bungalow

Cottage vs. Bungalow: Everythings you Need To Know

The most beautiful time we spent on a tour was when we went with friends and family. On a trip, first of all we need to find a friendly and familiar place to stay with joy. It can be hotel, resort, cottage, farmhouse, bungalow or airbnb services. What can be perfect for you? You need to find out that at first. In our previous article, we discussed all of the above. Today we will know the difference and similarity of cottages and bungalows. Let’s start.


Cottage means a little separate home for a person or family. Wherever you go on a trip alone or with family, you can take a cottage for a stay. It costs less from a resort, airbnb or hotels and farmhouse. In a 3 star cottage, you will get common room service, personal washrooms, varanda to view the scenery, and food also by paying a little more. You will get internet and TV in your room also.

Cottages give you more freedom to move around your rooms and feel nature or spots as you want to. Its best facilities are you can rent rooms as you need in a farmhouse or tourist spots. Then you can get a feel of a farmhouse also at a little cost.

Advantages of a Cottage

The cottage is for a budget trip. A cottage will free you from extra costs. If you go alone on a trip you can take a cottage in a resort. The cottage is mostly made of wood and bamboo.    Some cottages are made by break nowadays. For a full free vacation trip, cottage is perfect for alone travelers.  A cottage is a little separate room in a farmhouse or resort. You can take rent as you need .

By the system, you will be provided all services by paying more. If you want breakfast, lunch or dinner service you need to pay, then you will get service. Some cottages have room service including their charge, but some of them take extra payment and tips officially or personally. In a Cottage, you will be provided a washroom for personal and internet and TV facilities. You can get 3 ,4 or 5 star cottages in tourist spots.



Bungalows were derived from south Asian houses. Small, single-story detached homes with veranda and garden homes are called bungalows. After arriving in the United States, the bungalow became the dominant residential housing style for several decades, starting around 1990. The first American bungalows were built in the Northeast, and from there the style spread to the rest of the country.

Another story is for bunglows. Among the low-level employees of the British East-India Company who came to the Indian region, one of the things to fear was the climate of this country. Many of them worked with the heat of the region. The business area of the British in India was Bengal at that time. However mild the weather and climate may have been to the natives, it was intolerable to the British. However, if you want to do business ,you have to stay here. So what is the solution to this problem?

The solution to this thought of the British was found from the public life of the natives of Bengal. Bengalis have their own type of house called Chala house. However, these houses did not reach the level of the current neglected huts. It was surprising to see all the different architectures from two-chala to eight-chala at that time.

How to make such a roof with a little straw or hay sticks? And when you enter those rooms, the body gets cold. Some more British wisdom is added to the design of that chala. Later, the English started building very strong houses. These rooms are called Bungalows.

Do you have any confusion about the design of bungalows? You can remove your confusion by following this step below.

Bungalows have a squarish design and are usually built in a single story, often with a single upper room or attic under a gently pitched roof. On the ground floor a main living room with small windows dominates the arrangement, with sleeping rooms leading off from this room and a kitchen area in the back of the house. Bungalows make efficient use of interior space, with small closets and built-in cabinets and shelves. They also afford more privacy, as the home can easily be kept from view by fences and hedges.

Without a squarish design, bungalows have circles or other shapes. The bungalow looks like a farmhouse. For public service bungalows are the best places to stay. For spending quality time with nearest people and exploring around with freedom bungalows provide a homey feeling.

Differences and Similarity Between Cottages and Bungalows


  • A bungalow is a luxurious and smart place to stay with friends and families.
  • The cottage is full of luxury but you can stay here alone smoothly. If you want to stay with friends and families, a cottage isn’t enough for all.


  • In a bungalow, you have to pay a full package. If you stay alone or with friends and families, you don’t get any consideration.
  • In the cottage, you may pay for only the services you will want.


  • A bungalow looks like a farmhouse. Not only a farmhouse but also a resort,hotel and also a home. You can move around as if you were in your own home. No one will disturbed you without your permission.
  • In the cottage, you get all services including your payment, and some services you can get by extra payment. You may get room services free of cost somewhere.


  • Bungalows will provide their personal guide and zip for exploring indoors and sometimes outdoors also.
  • Cottage will give you only staying permission by your payment.


  • Bungalows built on their own properties. So there are all of the scenery and facilities are made by them artificially.
  • Cottages are built on natural places and the view of cottages is natural.


  • If you want to spend luxurious quality time during your vacation, and if you haven’t any money problems, Bungalows will be the best option for you.
  • If you are a traveler, and want to explore more and more, you can choose cottages without any doubt.

Wishing you a happy trip always.

Thank you.

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