The Maine Innkeepers Association represents 650 lodging properties of all sizes and types across Maine. The Association’s mission is to improve, promote and protect the welfare of the lodging industry in Maine. Through communication, education, promotion and government affairs, we help our members achieve prosperity and deliver a quality product to the consumer.

The Association is proud to represent the state’s lodging industry, which plays the pivotal role in the state’s broader tourism industry. Tourism directly and indirectly generated $8.8 billion in sales and $330,2 million in tax revenues for Maine in 2000, according to research by Longwoods International conducted for the Maine Office of Tourism. Tax revenues generated by the tourism industry bring $186.3 million in sales tax, $98.8 million in personal income tax and $45.1 million in gas tax revenues.

The industry accounts for 116,000 jobs, more than one out of every 10 jobs in Maine, and has a payroll of $2.5 billion. The industry has experienced sales growth every single year for the past 20, averaging 5% annual growth.

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