Bungalow vs Ranch House

Bungalow vs. Ranch House: What’s The Difference Between Them

Ranch houses and bungalows are classic residential home styles that can be found all over the United States. While the ranch house dates to the post -World War ll suburban building boom, the bungalow has slightly longer ancestry, having won widespread popularity in the early 20th century. The two styles have convenient although very different features; both are undergoing a revival in the early 21st century.



Bungalows were derived from south Asian houses. Small, single-story detached homes with veranda and garden homes are called bungalows. After arriving in the United States, the bungalow became the dominant residential housing style for several decades, starting around 1990. The first American bungalows were built in the Northeast, from there the style spread to the rest of the country.


Another story has for bunglows. Among the low-level employees of the British East-India Company who came to the Indian region, one of the things to fear was the climate of this country. Many of them worked with the heat of the region. The business area of the British in India was Bengal at that time. However mild the weather and climate may have been to the natives, it was intolerable to the British. However, if you want to do business, you have to stay here. So what is the solution to this problem?

The solution to this thought of the British was found from the public life of the natives of Bengal. Bengalis have their own type of house called Chala house. However, these houses did not reach the level of the current neglected huts. It was surprising to see all the different architectures from two-chala to eight-chala at that time. How to make such a roof with a little straw or hay sticks? And when you enter those rooms, the body gets cold. Some more British wisdom is added to the design of that Chala. Later, the English started building very strong houses. These rooms are called Bungalows.

Ranch House

Ranch homes took their from several sources including Spanish haciendas of the Southwest and the Prairie style houses designed by Frank Llyod Wright. The first ranch homes were built in 1930 in California. The style really took off in the 1950s, when a building boom took place in suburban tracts around large American cities.



Bungalows have a squarish design and are usually built in a single story, often with a single upper room or attic under a gently pitched roof. On the ground floor a main living room with small windows dominates the arrangement, with sleeping rooms leading off from this room and a kitchen area in the back of the house. Bungalows make efficient use of interior space, with small closets and built-in cabinets and shelves. They also afford more privacy, as the home can easily be kept from view by fences and hedges.

Without a squarish design, bungalows have circles or other shapes. The bungalow looks like a farmhouse. For public service bungalows are the best places to stay. For spending quality time with nearest people and exploring around with freedom bungalows provide a homey feeling.

Ranch Homes

 Ranch Homes

Ranch homes also known as Ramblers tend to cover more space with a rectangular, elongated floor plan. Long hallways and rooms are set some distance from the living room; the ceilings tend to be higher and the windows are larger and more numerous than those of bungalows. Many ranch houses have attached garages incorporated into the design; some also have vaulted ceilings and sliding glass doors leading to three-season or all-weather patios. Ranch homes tend to have more open yards and other surroundings, as they were built in suburban areas with larger lots than were available in cities.


Ranch houses provide more interior space, more light and more convenience for large families than bungalows. As they are sited away from more expensive lots and property taxes of central cities, they also tend to be more affordable for first-time home buyers.Bungalows are easier to care for, more compact and more private; these features make them ideal for singles, young couples without children and retirees.


Ranch style house is a domestic architectural style that originated in the United States. The ranch style house is noted for its long, close to the ground profile, and wide open layout. The style fused modernist ideas and styles with notions of the American Western period of wide open spaces to create a very informal and casual living style. While the original ranch style was informal and basic in design, ranch-style houses built in the United States ( particularly in the Sun Belt region) from around the 1960s increasingly had more dramatic features such as varying roof lines, cathedral ceilings, sunken living rooms, and extensive landscaping and grounds.

But a Bungalow is a totally different style house. This has a squarish shape, but nowadays it is made of a circle and other shapes. Bungalows have an open place in front of this. Some trees, lawn, swimming pool, and a place to take tea with friends and make time charming. You will get all facilities both but types of uses are different.

A ranch house is basically one storied house which is so long and has a one way door. But a Bungalow can be one, two or sometimes three stories.

Ranch houses were invented in the United States in 1960, and the United States is its origin. But a Bungalow was invented in India when the East India Company came here to stay. They were invented for their luxurious lifestyle. So a bungalow has a historical past.

Bungalows and Ranch houses both are luxurious places to stay. Bungalows have a beautiful view and also ranch houses have. Bungalows have all sides, ranch houses have one side. But both have their personal beauty.

So, there are a lot of differences between them but Bungalow and Ranch house, both are good, better, best with their own places, own service, and own style. Wherever you need, you may take as you want.

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